I pushed a Tonx as one might say for the first time in a few months and, whoa boy, was the coffee way better than the K-cups I’ve been plugging into the Kuerig.

Mariah Carey’s Dreamlover was released in 1993.

Thanks to THE HOOD INTERNET I now remember that I am old.

Overdue for cleaning.

Vinyl Record Speculators

Nick Heer writing about “The Social Network”

I cannot think of a better pairing of score to standalone film in recent memory than the soundtrack to “The Social Network”. It is also a great standalone record. Speculators have pushed up its price for years, but it has just been reissued with its original cover art.

TIL there are vinyl record speculators.

Also, Nick completely forgets about any Chris Nolan film with a Hans Zimmer soundtrack.

Thanks to @mroutley @Gabz @gregmoore @TheDimPause @maique @AlanGMarz and @sku_b for responding to my post asking about your favorite micro.blog theme.

Results Kiko: 3
Marfa: 2
Typewriter: 1
Lanyon: 1

I will continue to work on the theme of my site, but for now I will use Lanyon.

Quick questions about the themes and blogs you follow:

What theme are you using for your micro.blog?
Have you customized it?
What’s your favorite micro.blog blog theme?

Steve Layman shares some “muddle” about complaining when you consult “The Oracle Google” if complaining is good for you.

It reminded me of the phrase
>Give me the strength to change the things that I can change. Give me the wisdom to know the things that I can not change.

Last year I had dreams of visiting Maine in the fall, right around this week or so, to spend a week driving around, hiking, and looking at the color change of the foliage. That didn’t happen because of Covid.

I’m hoping that sometime in the future, hopefully next year, that trip will be something that I can take.

I watched The Witcher series on Netflix over the course of a week or so. Two episodes a night so not a binge watch. It was … interesting.

I have no experience with the novels or the games (even though I have purchased both), I just haven’t gotten around to enjoying them yet.

Overall, I enjoyed the story. The timeline jumping was confusing at first, but once I knew what was happening in relation to the episodes already watched I liked that it made me think about where in the story the episode took place. I think it was a novel way to avoid the banner that most shows throw up, e.g. “10 years ago” or “Present Day”. Just tell the episode and let the viewer figure it out. It’s a nice way to tell people, “you’re smart enough to figure this out without having to be spoonfed everything”.

Looking forward to spending some time reading the books and playing the games to see what the source material is like.

Just removed all the channels I had active and deleted my IFTTT account. Now it’s time to trim the services I use to pretend I’m tracking my tasks and to do’s.

So many things that need to be done and no motivation to start doing them.

It is time to get planning.

I would totally buy a Pixel tablet from Google.

A 10 inch tablet with the same physical design as the Pixel 4 would feel fantastic in the the hand.

One thing that Apple could learn from Google is how to update their software faster. I received a new iPhone SE for my work phone yesterday and I’ve been on the Software Update for 10 minutes and the update hasn’t even started yet. With my Pixel phones updates take 2-5 minutes.

It’s September. Somehow. Even though it still feels like March.

That means it is Hobonichi buying time.

Just placed me yearly order.

I love the idea of the Microsoft Surface Duo. It looks amazing. Too bad the reviews are out and the software is less than optimized for the 2 screens.

Perfedtly Reflected Swiss Landsacpes

These are perfect and I wish I could take something half as good as these photos.

Just look at this photo.

Simply amazing.

Why is it that technology pundits seem to think that in the future everything will be technology? I mean, how do they think that people will eat? If everything is technology then who will feed the world? We’ll just get our nutrition from technology?

Hey @vincent just letting you know that @gluon is crashing to the home screen on launch on both my Pixel 2 and my Pixel 4 on Android. I’m running the beta for Android 11 on both.

Hey @vincent just letting you know that @gluon is crashing to the home screen on launch on both my Pixel 2 and my Pixel 4 on Android. I’m running the beta for Android 11 on both.

Still amazed at how fast the United States went from “This is s serious national safety issue” to “fuck it, we’re all going to die anyway”.

Also, I cant believe how many selfish people there are in this country that can’t seem to care about their fellow human beings.

Just the Basics

A partial list of what I think we, as a society, should provide to all people, not just those in need:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Housing
  3. Food
  4. Utilities
  5. Communication - phone/internet

Our governments should provide the basics of these 5 categories to everyone and people should be able to move and upgrade and purchase extra if that is what they want to do. I’m not sure how we go from a society that believes, “fuck you, I’ve got mine”, is a valid response to the suffering of other people.

I do think that we need more empathy and understanding and help built into our governments. We should not be dependent upon the idea that everything you are is of value because you work. You are of value because you are a person. The work you do is just a reflection of your beliefs.

1. Healthcare

Pretty self explanatory. I do not think that your access to quality healthcare should be tied to your employment. The current pandemic has nothing to do with that thinking. Nothing says you’re living in the “greatest country in the world” than the fact that you could go bankrupt because you had to stay in a hospital for a week.

2. Housing

I believe that everyone should have someplace to call home. There should not be a homeless problem in the United States. Local governments should provide free housing to those who can not afford their own, until they are able to provide for themselves and afford their own.

3. Food

Similar to #2, there shouldn’t be anyone in the United States who can not afford to feed their family. It is a disgrace that we allow this problem to continue. It is a disgrace that we think that the food pantries, kitchens, and banks are what will solve this problem. We can do better. We can provide for those who can not provide for themselves. We can help our fellow humans eat and feed their families. We just don’t want to.

4. Utilities

Tied to @2 on the list is providing utilities for those that need housing. If you’re going to provide free housing to those who can not afford it then you must provide the utilities to the housing as well. If we can take the profit out of the basic neccesities then we can focus on providing support to those who need it.

5. Communication

Access to the internet should be provided to everyone in the United States. It should not be controlled by private companies. It should be a public good.

I don’t think that there is no room for private companies to provide any of the above. I think that the government should provide the minimum of this list to all people and if people want more they can turn to private companies and pay for the extra services.

Yesterday’s wisdom:


Which is why I’m taking a day off today.

Wisdom from August 28th:


Iphone Battery Indicator is not good at indicating percent of battery left

The battery on work iphone 6S this morning:

10 am: 56% and not charging even though it was plugged in over night in the smart battery case.

10:45: 56% and charging after I took off the smart battery case to charge separately.

11:15: 56% the phone says, “I’m turning off now because I’m tired.”

11:22: after restarting 5 times 17% and charging but who knows if thats true?