Around the Web

Here you can find links to other services that I use to share my thoughts.

  1. Newsblur Blurblog
    Newsblur is a great indie RSS reader built by Samuel Clay that provides some social connection ala Google Reader of yore.

  2. Goodreads
    Goodreads is connected to Amazon which works great for me since most of the books I read are on Kindle. Easy sharing of updates and comments and highlights.

  3. VSCO
    I would like to get away from the big social media websites. I have dabbled with VSCO in the past and the social there is okayish. Mayhaps in the future there will be more photos posted there and shared here. We shall see.

  4. Twitter
    It’s Twitter. No more explanation needed.

  5. Instagram
    It’s Instagram. No more explanation needed.