Anyone else think it’s lovely that with any new technology device you get; after you set it up and connect to a network, the very first thing you get to do is wait for the device to update?

Personally, I do not like built-in cabinets and shelves unless they are in the kitchen. They reduce you open options for where to place furniture in a room.

That being said, these built-ins from a IKEA hack are pretty good looking.

No matter where you go, there you are.

I absolutely love this piece by Manjit Thapp shared by Creative Boom.

An excellent work of art.

New to me website ignant shares Horacio Reyes Paez amazing photos of Argentina.

We break ourselves up into parts. To lie to ourselves, to hide things from ourselves.

What leap of logic do we need to make to connect the Universal Monster verse to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

In Skull Island, Nick Fury was the military escort, Loki was the tracker and Captain Marvel was the photographer.

I don’t care what you try to call them now. They will always be fanny packs.

Whether you like it or not; you’re in the middle of a war that has been raging for the better part of a thousand years. A blood feud between vampires and lycans …. werewolves.

Just say an art blog post with the title

How would our behavior change if we knew no one was watching?

My initial reponse to myself was

It wouldn’t. That’s called Integrity.

Big news in my neck of the woods.

I bought a new car.

A Mazda CX-5

Thor is a good movie. Not just a good superhero movie.

The iPhone is a frustrating user experience sometimes.

Today’s issue: photos on the iMessage app will not retain the edits made to the photos for no apparent reason.

The music in Those Who Want Me Dead is not very good. 🍿

Has anyone started watching The Nevers on HBO?

I’m wondering if it is a good show to start watching.

Literally took a scroll to the bottom of a web page and checking 2 boxes and my Pixel 4 and I are in the Android 12 Beta program. All from the web and didnt have to do anything on the phone.

Made tofu tacos for lunch today.

Updated my main site to redirect to so now I don’t have to pay for two blogging services a month. It feels good simplifying things just to simplify.

Love, guaranteed is one cheesey rom com which is just what the doctor ordered for this lazy Saturday afternoon. 🎬

Everytime I do yardwork, I tell myself I should have taken a picture before I started so I can compare before and after.

Everytime I do yardwork I forget to take a before picture.

I just jump right into the work.

The clouds are waves today.

Not bad, Southern California. Not bad at all.

One aspect of American reality I do not understand is:
Why is a city on the hook for paying if that city’s police department is sued?
Why doesn’t that money come out of the police budget and not the city budget?

I love trying to figure out what a movie is just by the opening credits.

Relaxing quiet time on the back patio in the shade with a cup of espresso.

Not a bad Friday afternoon.

Not bad at all.

I would love to see a sequel to Dredd.

That is one under rated action movie. Really well done. Good story, good effects, good action, good performances. Everything you want in a movie.