Marvel Spoiler Alert

The best thing about rewatching the MCU movies is that Fury lost his eye because of a cat.

New York pizza is the best pizza.

Current Status: Thinking about rearranging the office.

Previous Status: Thinking about rearranging the office.

Future Status: Thinking about rearranging the office.

Starting a watch of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Chronological order on Disney+

First up: Captain America

Can’t stop thinking how many more people would have died from Covid-19 if people didn’t know about virology and germs and everything we’ve learned since the Spanish Flu.

I know it’s horrible that almost 2 million people have lost their lives.

What would the total be if we hadn’t taken the precautions that we have (limited as they are in some places) throughout this pandemic?

What the hell happened to the Republican Party in the last ten years?

The party of small government and personal responsibility has morphed into the party of white power.

I hope the people “in charge” can wrestle control from the white supremacists soon.


I recieved an email this morning that my bank of choice Simple is being closed by it’s parent bank BBVA.

The Book of Boba Fett

Seth Godin

Resolutions don’t work. Habits and systems can.


It’s LEAN all the way down in productivity marketing.

In my experience, importing notes from Evernote to Notion does not work. Going on 4 days of trying to import folders and it’s a hit or miss of what gets imported. Now trying to import folder by folder and it just sits on the screen saying it’s importing from Evernote.

Can I do a lazy web question here?

Does anyone know of a tool to pull photos from Instagram?


My current keyboard and notebook setup.

I’m still getting used to the compact size of the Razer Huntsman vs my old 10 key, full size keyboard.

The notebook is the Hobonichi Techo.

The pen is a Platinum Procyon in Persimmon Orange with a medium nib.

The first thing I do in the morning is look out and see the world. I am alive. I have food, I go out, I go for walks, I do some shopping. And I remember: No one wants to kill me. So, still, I read. I cook a little bit. I shop a little bit. I learned the computer. I do puzzles.


What happened to easy to find RSS links? Why have so many sites just thrown them away? So weird.

Who puts corn in their mac n cheese?

Raining southern California.

Trump and his family are nothing but con men on a job

Testig the Instagram embed code.

Tonight’s project.

Early Christmas present for myself. 📷

TIL that Christmas is this Friday and NOT Thursday.

I have been under the assumption that Christmas was this Thursday for the last two weeks.

I do not like it when my group misses customer expectations, even if those expectations are not viable.

I like it when my group demolishes the customer’s expectations, but then the customer thinks they can set unreasonable expectations.

I believe there is a Japanese or German word for that, but I’m not positive. I just call it the Apple Way.

Really enjoyed the live action version of Mulan.

The theme for The Mandalorian is just so so good.