Tonight’s project.

Early Christmas present for myself. 📷

TIL that Christmas is this Friday and NOT Thursday.

I have been under the assumption that Christmas was this Thursday for the last two weeks.

I do not like it when my group misses customer expectations, even if those expectations are not viable.

I like it when my group demolishes the customer’s expectations, but then the customer thinks they can set unreasonable expectations.

I believe there is a Japanese or German word for that, but I’m not positive. I just call it the Apple Way.

Really enjoyed the live action version of Mulan.

The theme for The Mandalorian is just so so good.

One thing I do not like about winter: Daylight Savings Time. It is madness that it is 5pm and already completely dark outside.

One thing I like about winter: cooler weather. After a few months of 90-100°F weather 60°F days are nice and refreshing.
Bonus: There’s no snow in Southern California.

Cat in a basket

I remember when everyone diskiked how much email they received.

Now people are starting newsletters instead of blogs.

How much longer until people get tired of email again?

Prime Wardrobe Return Around

Frustrated with Amazon this morning.

Last week: get an email saying “we haven’t received your Prime Wardrobe returns”. Go and check tracking and low and behold it was delivered to Amazon. Start a chat with their customer service and was told it was updated as delivered and there would be no further issues.

This morning: Thank you for your Prime Wardrobe purchase.

First thought: they couldn’t even flag something in their own system correctly.

Second thought: open a chat with customer service and tell them I was incorrectly charged.

Outcome: Now I’m waiting on a refund because Amazon charged me for items that were returned to them in October. 🤦

I love it when systems don’t line up with reality. Bonus for when the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

I’m pretty sure I see more paid posts and ads on Instagram than actual posts.

Okay, maybe 75% sure.

And don’t get me started on the algorithmic timeline. Is it so hard to do a linear timeline now? Just the oldest to the newest posts in order. Can’t be that hard.

Note to self: when buying flowers online always put a message on the card so they don’t recieve a blank card with their flowers.

No. You’re listening to Foklore by Taylor Swift and liking every single song at 2 in the morning. 🎵

I’ve said Habits are hard before.

Perhaps it is time for a Page to start listing what habits I want to start and what habits I want to let go of in 2021? Maybe it is more of a bullet journal spread for my own use.

I think it is time to start looking forward to Goals in 2021.

I need to get back on track with logging my food and tracking my weight.

Starting new habits is hard.

Today’s wisdom


If it were easy to do it would already be done.

Two weeks ago the US had an election.

This week the 14 day average of new coronavirus cases is up 79%.

The states where cases are increasing look to me like the states that primarily voted in person and Republican.

This year could have been completely different with better leadership and more understanding, but we are too busy worrying about our current selves to consider what others may need in the future.

Today’s Wisdom


A timely reminder.

Radio towers

🎵 We’re the keepers
While we sleep in America
Our house is burning down
Our house is burning
We’re the keepers
While we sleep in America
Our house is burning down
Our house is burning
Down, down it burns down
Our house is burning down🎵

The Keepers by Santigold

This is an amazing photo from Brad Walls in his series Ballerine de l’air.

🐱sitting on top of scratching post


I’m thankful I have to return to work today. I took a few days off to celebrate my birthday this weekend.

Thankfully, I will have something to focus on so that I will not be able to check the news all day every day.

Today’s Wisdom