I love the idea of the Microsoft Surface Duo. It looks amazing. Too bad the reviews are out and the software is less than optimized for the 2 screens.

Perfedtly Reflected Swiss Landsacpes

These are perfect and I wish I could take something half as good as these photos.

Just look at this photo.

Simply amazing.

Why is it that technology pundits seem to think that in the future everything will be technology? I mean, how do they think that people will eat? If everything is technology then who will feed the world? We’ll just get our nutrition from technology?

Hey @vincent just letting you know that @gluon is crashing to the home screen on launch on both my Pixel 2 and my Pixel 4 on Android. I’m running the beta for Android 11 on both.

Hey @vincent just letting you know that @gluon is crashing to the home screen on launch on both my Pixel 2 and my Pixel 4 on Android. I’m running the beta for Android 11 on both.

Still amazed at how fast the United States went from “This is s serious national safety issue” to “fuck it, we’re all going to die anyway”.

Also, I cant believe how many selfish people there are in this country that can’t seem to care about their fellow human beings.

Just the Basics

A partial list of what I think we, as a society, should provide to all people, not just those in need:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Housing
  3. Food
  4. Utilities
  5. Communication - phone/internet

Our governments should provide the basics of these 5 categories to everyone and people should be able to move and upgrade and purchase extra if that is what they want to do. I’m not sure how we go from a society that believes, “fuck you, I’ve got mine”, is a valid response to the suffering of other people.

I do think that we need more empathy and understanding and help built into our governments. We should not be dependent upon the idea that everything you are is of value because you work. You are of value because you are a person. The work you do is just a reflection of your beliefs.

1. Healthcare

Pretty self explanatory. I do not think that your access to quality healthcare should be tied to your employment. The current pandemic has nothing to do with that thinking. Nothing says you’re living in the “greatest country in the world” than the fact that you could go bankrupt because you had to stay in a hospital for a week.

2. Housing

I believe that everyone should have someplace to call home. There should not be a homeless problem in the United States. Local governments should provide free housing to those who can not afford their own, until they are able to provide for themselves and afford their own.

3. Food

Similar to #2, there shouldn’t be anyone in the United States who can not afford to feed their family. It is a disgrace that we allow this problem to continue. It is a disgrace that we think that the food pantries, kitchens, and banks are what will solve this problem. We can do better. We can provide for those who can not provide for themselves. We can help our fellow humans eat and feed their families. We just don’t want to.

4. Utilities

Tied to @2 on the list is providing utilities for those that need housing. If you’re going to provide free housing to those who can not afford it then you must provide the utilities to the housing as well. If we can take the profit out of the basic neccesities then we can focus on providing support to those who need it.

5. Communication

Access to the internet should be provided to everyone in the United States. It should not be controlled by private companies. It should be a public good.

I don’t think that there is no room for private companies to provide any of the above. I think that the government should provide the minimum of this list to all people and if people want more they can turn to private companies and pay for the extra services.

Yesterday’s wisdom:


Which is why I’m taking a day off today.

Wisdom from August 28th:


Iphone Battery Indicator is not good at indicating percent of battery left

The battery on work iphone 6S this morning:

10 am: 56% and not charging even though it was plugged in over night in the smart battery case.

10:45: 56% and charging after I took off the smart battery case to charge separately.

11:15: 56% the phone says, “I’m turning off now because I’m tired.”

11:22: after restarting 5 times 17% and charging but who knows if thats true?

I can honestly say that the redesign of the White House Rose Garden by Melania Trump makes it look worse in pretty much every possible way: No color or height variation to the plants. It looks bland and boring now.

I bought a pair of Google Pixel Buds this week because the Oh So Orange version was released.

I’ve been wearing them for about 40 minutes or so. Now I know why everyone loves their AirPods so much. These wireless ones are sooo much better than the wired ones from last year.

Something has changed in my sleeping posture in the last 3 days. I know this because my neck is killing me every morning when I wake up. It all started after my afternoon nap on Sunday.

You’ve seen what’s going on in New Zealand? Big surge in New Zealand. It’s terrible. We don’t want that.

Donald Trump on New Zealand’s outbreak of 22 when the US averages about 55,000 new cases a day.

Just completely clueless about the context of so much.

I’m positive Donald Trump has damaged the standing of the United States in world politics for years, if not decades, to come and I continue to be shocked that we, as a country, nominated and elected this assinine, barely literate, man-child to the highest office we have.

August photoblog challenge day 17 is cuddly 📷

Our kittens River and Cobb take naps with their older sister Zoe.

August photo challenge day 16 year is stationary 📷

My Baron Fig Confidant notebook set up on the weekly spread.

August photo challenge Day 15: silhouette 📷

People viewing the Open Sea exhibit at Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Indulging myself a little this morning and listening to late 90’s and early 2000’s pop music, which is basically any song I “hated” while in high school and college.

August photoblog challenge day 14 📷

Among those watching whales in Monterey Bay

Today’s Wisdom


I like the look of this IKEA dresser with leather drawer pulls. I guess it’s time to do some online shopping to find some pulls for my own IKEA dresser.

August photoblog challenge day 12 Filter 📷

Coffee runs through the filter as it brews in my Chemex.

August photoblog challenge day 12 is “Sound”. 📷

One of the sounds that I miss during this waves hands at everything, is the hum of a restaurant’s dining room; the clink of silverware and the buzz of converstations.

This tweet sums up the United States’ problems right now.

There is the truth and there are people who argue the truth.
Sometimes the people who argue the truth are the ones elected to lead.

The United States summed up in one tweet